JAOS Used in shock absorbers, HARMOFREQ, a proprietary KYB technology, provides damping control by varying frequencies and differentiating between fine movements at high speeds that produce high frequencies and large movements at low speeds that produce low frequencies. Reducing vibrations and ensuring damping in the necessary areas helps achieve stability and a smoother and more comfortable ride. Vehicles incorporating HARMOFREQ achieve higher quality ride, with sensations that go beyond the one-dimensional axis of hard and soft.

  • Twin tube design
  • Lift vehicles up
  • Suitable designed for JAOS spring
  • Coil over front (Adjustable height)

  • Hard chromed piston rod
  • Twin tube design

 About HARMOFREQ technology

    •  HARMOFREQ is a frequency sensitive valve, developed by KYB Corporation.
    •  With fine and fast movement (high frequency), damping force will be reduced to remove rugged feel in a vehicle.
    •  With big and slow movement (low frequency), damping force will have an original performance to secure the running stability.
    •  The structure without having an electronic control and a complicated oil route enables customers to replace shock absorbers like conventional one.